Invoicing for Humans

Invoicing and billing your customers are not quite the most exciting things in life, whether you are running a single-person company or some kind of bigger enterprise. And we are not even trying to convince you that they are. Instead, we have spent significant amounts of time, making sure that you will spend definitely less of it, issuing documents for your customers, thus leaving you more time to handle your business or do other fun things in life.

Invoices has been created basing on nearly three-year experience with a Mac invoicing application for local market, thus it is a polished product and designed to be easy and pleasant to use. We hope you will enjoy it at least as much as we did, creating it.


Invoices is compliant with European Union value added tax regulations; fully customizable VAT rates.

Developed from the ground up for Macs. Invoices has been created as a native Mac application from scratch, it was not ported from any other operating system, thus you will feel like home using it.

Stylish and professional-looking document template, with your own logo and signature.

Direct access to customer and products databases, created on-the-fly when issuing documents, helps avoiding mistakes and makes issuing invoices a breeze.

Overdue and unpaid invoices tracking, also with optional iCal integration.

Mail integration – send documents as PDF documents directly from Invoices.

Built-in economy mode – save our environment and cut your costs by printing copies of your documents in simplified design.

Supported document types:

  • VAT invoice
  • Pro forma
  • Advance invoice
  • Corrective invoice
  • Bill (for VAT non-payers)